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27th - 30th May 2022
The Globe @ Hay On Wye


performances, workshops and green talks

 music, comedy, theatre, dance, poetry, storytelling, circus, and craft

It's time to create and be uplifted in a transformational shared community experience

Dear friends,

Over the last two years a lot has happened - and through the quiet times in our homes their has been time for reflection and appreciation of the relationships we hold dear. Whether you enjoy spending time in retreat or whether it has been challenging, we can find the gifts in the retreat times and bring them with us into a new way of interacting with the world with a heightened awareness of our sacred earth and how we must care for her. We are stepping into a new phase of coming together to celebrate the joys of  creative expression in community gatherings. Where the love of friends and family can be shared through raising the energy, with singing, dancing, stories, laughter, and play.

Who's playing...

Baka Beyond     Seize the Day    Mobius Loop

maya love
Denise Rowe
Pixie Pete
Gladey Rowen
Charlotte Mabon
Kin Thiessen
Toby Wren
Janetta Morton

Julia Palmer Price
Chloe Rose Llang
Emma Jaques-Willis
Charly La mar
Pamela Wyn shannon
rawley Clay
Fred ackroyd
Sophie Bolton
Caroline Pringle
Nancy Ackroyd
jya raine
Tallula Rendal
Athena Constantine ConstantinouDa

Algy Behrens
Jessica Summersgill
JotePrakash Singh
Moon and the Beams
Woodland Studios
Shani Ben-Aroya
Julie Abbe
Lisa Goodwin
Asha Emma McCarthy
Sarah Jane Murphy
sweet goose
Chris Cooper
Seano Bongo
Alex Akal
...more to be announced
Inviting families to come and experience the wide range of workshops and performance with something for everyone. Discover your inner author, make a native American drum, release your singing voice with sacred chants, connect to the elementals through water and fire, find the secret artist within, dance ecstatically, be moved by heart opening songs, jump up and down with high energy bands, feel the depth of the breath through Qi gong breath and movement, Expand through a Cacao ceremony or Shamanic journey, listen to a Irish myth around the fire, find your earth feet through Dubs sounds, listen to the wisdom of wildlife rescuers. Be the innovator of your own individual creative desires, to unfurl the wonderful unique intricacy's of our souls deepest expression through the many images of a living, breathing creative being. Raising the vibration into fully embodying an empowered manifestation of ourselves. Free to express and be who we are meant to be. AHO

Mobius Loop
Mobius Loop

Maya Love

Kin Theissen
Baka Beyond
Nancy Ackroyd
Priscilla Andersohn

transformation and discovery

Given by experienced practitioners - Seasoned Festival Performers - Specialist environmental speakers

Pamela Wyn Shannon

4 days of
workshops in the performing arts and crafts

for adults, children or experience as a family together

The work that recconects

Ben Ben Ji and Georgia Francis

"Thank you Geo and Ben for the “work that reconnects” important work , and a beautiful space. Gratitude "

For Reclaim Your WIld Warrior

Shani Ben-Aroya

"Shani knows how to hold the space with such grace and ease. It feels so safe to let go in her presence and I always feel fully seen, heard and witnessed"

Free your true voice

Alison David

"Gave me a real high, a real sense that we will make it when we pull together. Thank you for a great, happy, wholesome experience of people’s art. It was brilliant!”
 Intuitive hatha flow yoga

Gladey Rowan

"Her kindness, her genuine love of humankind, her understanding & her enthusiasm for health make her a truly unique teacher. It is impossible to do a class with Gladey without her contagious attitude rubbing off on you"
Spirit of the Rainforest ~ Baka Women’s Singing Workshop

Su Hart

"Singing the baka songs with Su and listening to her stories connects me to our human potential for deep listening and sensitivity."

5 element dance Qi Gong

Lys Lily Wild

“Lys brings joy and clarity to her teaching. I have learnt so much about how to use my body well through her classes”
Alex Akal
​​Mantra singing
​Sacred Indian bhajans
​Drumming workshops 
​Irish mythical fire lit tales
Ecstatic dance
Medicine dance
Dance church
Elemental dance
​Cacao ceremonies
​Qi gong
​A range of Yoga approach's
​Shamanic journeys
​French Breton dance
​Choir singing
​Drum making
​Charcoal making
​Mandala painting
​Sewing and felting with natural materials
​Low impact living
​Four part harmony singing
​Connect with the Elementals, Fire and Water
​Release the secret artist within
​Discover the inner author
​Wildlife rescue
​craft using recycled materials
​Release your natural singing voice
​​African dance
Children's music with sacred instruments

...more to be announced

Lets create a present day Pow Wow

Sing, dance and share

Jethro Tanner Photography

How can we collectively and individually make a positive change in how we  live on Mother Earth?

How can we heal ourselves and the ground on which we walk and 
the air with which we breath?

4 days of green solutions talks

Wild World brings together experts in many areas of green evolution. Including planting native trees, re-wilding, wildlife rescue and low impact living. 
Weaving together a picture of how we can live lightly on mother earth and transform and evolve in our way of inhabiting the lands, developing new ways of taking care of the environment around us.

Nestled below the Welsh mountains in the beautiful town of Hay On Wye

~ Take a walk by the river to wind down after a shamanic trance dance ~ 
listen to the water's flow as you wander back to the Festival for a heart opening sing around the fire

What in the World?

find what makes your heart sing!

Supporting Tree Sisters

Re-wilding and re-forestation. A central aim of Wild World Festival is to create funds for the re-forestation of the Amazon. There will be a donation to the amazing work of the Tree Sisters founded by Clare Dubois who's incredible work has successfully planted millions of trees around the planet and is working with communities in areas such as the Amazon Rainforest to create work for the local people and bring balance through the growing of roots and development of a positive atmosphere in which we can thrive.

Coming soon!


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The Globe and Globe gardens 
Hay On Wye

Pre-order Breathe The Album and online live performance: Breathe: soulful songs from a year journeying within. Where folk meets spiritual devotion - be expanded through the heart opening melodies and tales from Dorothy's musical travels. Let the story begin!

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