27th -30th May
 The Globe and Globe Gardens
 Hay-on-Wye, Wales

It's time to come together for an exceptional FOUR days of music, performing arts workshops, green talks, and crafts in Hay-on-wye, the UNIQUE town of books in the Welsh COUNTRYSIDE

 music, comedy, theatre, dance, poetry, storytelling, circus, and craft

Dear friend,

Over this winter a little revolution has been happening, we have been beavering away gathering the creative tribes through many conversations and sharing. Generating a strong, community spirit and resulting in the most astonishing line-up of performing artists ever to have gathered in one place!

This literally is the crème of the UK performing arts Festival scene, bringing a kaleidoscope of creative colour to Hay-on-Wye this spring.

Would you like to step into your unique creative self and joyfully connect to what makes your heart sing?

Would you like to tap into that innate knowingness that we are more than just skin and bone?

This year, for the first time, Wild World Festival is coming to The Globe and Globe Gardens in Hay-on-Wye. With 12 venues featuring some of the most talented musicians and practitioners who are creating positive, conscious, feel-good vibes. Wild World is focused on creating the feel-good, empowered life experience that we all need.

In the great words of Mahatma Gandhi

 Be the change you want to see in the World

~ There has been a phenomenal desire coming from the artists to give their talents and expertise into what has become a truly divine melting pot of creativity.

~ Over the four days, Wild World Festival in Hay will be an unfolding of a plethora of performing arts, workshops, performances, and green talks.

~ Free your true voice with a stunning range of vocal teachers.

~ Free your bodies movement, as emotion moves through you, with a range of highly attuned dance and movement teachers.

~ Free your hands into crafts and making with a range of skilled craft practitioners.

~ Free the spirit from within as we journey into a range of spiritual practices with Yoga, Qigong, and meditation teachings.

~ Free the families joyful play as we explore a range of children's craft, dance, theatre, and circus workshops.

~ Be moved to laugh, cry, sing and enjoy an astounding range of performances. With singer-songwriters, jump up and dance bands, poets, storytellers, comedians, dancers, and circus acts.

27th - 30th May
Hay-on-Wye, Wales

Stepping into oursleves in a shared celebration of all that it is to be human!

~ In our changing world it has never been more important than now to step into our true empowerment.

~ Listening for the call.

~ Each of us has a divine calling to move with something greater than ourselves.

~ Through community, comes to a collective evolution.

~ Through gathering, we light each other's fire - our creative inspiration to go further and make a positive change in the world.

Stepping up into your playful self

~ Feeling a driving force to see good happening in the world

~ Making the foundation for positive change

~Planting our feet on the ground, with a resolution to be the change we want to see

~Committing to raising up into a fully incarnate manifestation of ourselves 

~Listening to the ancient wisdom coming from within to guide the way

What lights your fire?

Four days of transformation through, singing, dance, story, and play.
At Wild World we are offering an exciting eclectic mix of workshops to find your unique soul song!
Here is just a taste of the activities that will be cooking up a creative storm at Wild World!

Mantra Singing
Swing Dance
Didgeridoo workshop
Body Percussion
Vocal Improvisation
Songs and Chants from around the World
Free Your True Voice
Dreamcatcher workshop
Drum Making
Somatic Movement and Dance
African Dance
The Work that Reconnects
Crowdfunding for Creatives
Drumming workshop
Laugh and Let Go!
The Art of Being an Idiot: Silent Workshop
Kids and Family Shows
Awakening the Wild Woman
Singing Bowls Sound Bath
Singing Ourselves Home
Mime and Physical Theatre for Beginners
The Role of the African Griot in society
Singing for the Heart
Voice Bath Relaxation

Adult Fringe Theatre Shows
Late-night Cabaret
The Lost Cabaret
Ella The Greats Mini Circus
Cacao Ceremonies
Qi Gong
Yoga Workshops
Singing in Harmony
Mandala Painting
French Breton Dancing
Four-Part Harmony singing
Uncovering Creativity
Discover the Inner Author
Wildlife Rescue
Children’s Music with Sacred Instruments
Bodywork into Dancing
Shamanic Journeys
Vital Beats ~ Women’s Drumming
Ecstatic Dance
Earth Dance
Elemental Rhythms
Dancing Freedom for Families
Argentine Tango
Children’s Drumming

Spirit of the Rainforest ~ Baka Women’s Singing Workshop
New Earth Talk with Bob Hillary
Hanky Tree Sessions
Honky Horns
Storyboarding your Film Project
The Future of Britain’s Forests
Gnawa Trance Experience ~ Lila
Bushcraft and Forest school
Natural craft and Woodwork
Sustainable and Renewable Talks
Permaculture Education (PIG)
Contact Improvisation
Create an Album in Twelve Weeks ~ Scale
Musicadoo ~ The Music Journey
Timeless Sound Bath
Soulful Singing
Crystal Ball and Handpan
Shakti Dance Yoga of Dance
From Heart to Harmony
Puppet Workshop
Dance in Nature
Song-writing Workshop

When I saw the line up for Wild World Festival this year I couldn't believe it! How could all these astonishing artists all be in one place at the same time?
When the line up was released I nearly fainted - seriously, I mean it's got to be divine intervention or something! 

So here it is! 

The most epic line-up of performing artists anywhere in the UK this May!

A Four-day Festival Extravaganza

Only £125

 for an adult ticket.

Over 150 practitioners, performing artists and green speakers bring their wisdom and talent for an epic transformational experience that the whole family will love!

Kids tickets and camping also available

With over forty years of performance and teaching experience, Wild World's performers and practitioners have a thing or two to share!

The work that recconects

Ben Ben Ji and Georgia Francis

The Power of Improvisation

Priscilla Andersohn

Free your true voice

Alison David

For Reclaim Your WIld Warrior

Shani Ben-Aroya

Spirit of the Rainforest ~ Baka Women’s Singing Workshop

Su Hart

5 element dance Qi Gong

Lys Wild

Fundraising in Aid of TreeSisters

As a part of our movement to empower, transform and share tools to live closely and consciously with the land, we are embedding restoration into Wild World Festival. 

You can add a donation to TreeSisters while you buy your tickets to this year's festival. At Wild World Festival 2022 we will take a moment to celebrate all the trees we have planted and the world we are grateful to be a part of.

With over forty years of performance and teaching experience Wild World's performers and practitioners have a thing or two to share!

The man’s got energy and rhythms that could get mountains dancing... ” - Duncan Stirling, Shamanic Storyteller & Musician (Antarma)
You couldn’t help but feel like you were in a state of wonder and discovery.” - Sophie Hui, Strong Island (Hang Massive)
 The party atmosphere was irrepressible” - Evening Standard (Baka Beyond) 
Rachael Dadd is one of the most talented wise prolific and important women of our times.” - Kate Stables, This is the Kit
(Rachel Dadd)
Incredible… make sure you catch him live” - Gilles Peterson
A show informed by such great talent and heart! Southbank Centre audiences now have great memories of sharing enjoyable family time!” - The Southbank Centre – London (Rocktopus)

Wild World Glamping
and Campervans

Camp in luxury with Hearthworks Glamping or bring your live-in vehicle for the weekend

Be a part of the unique Wild World camping experience

~ Exquisite camping right by the River Wye

~ Right by the Offa's Dyke Walk

~ Campervan area

~ Hearthworks Glamping

~ Separate car parking area

~ Wild Bridge Market of independent makers

~ Yummy vegetarian and vegan food 

~ Delicious, proper coffee

~ Fire circle and chill out Marquee

~ Communal space with singing and sharing around the fire

What's included in the ticket price?

~ Over 150 workshops

~ Over 150 performances

~ Extensive craft workshops

~ A wide range of green talks

~ A four-day festival extravaganza


Pay via Paypal to pay over 3 moths, this is a Paypal credit plan

We can't wait to see you there

Much Love,
The Wild World team XxXx

Where is the festival?

The Globe at Hay
Globe gardens, 

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